VIDEO: Sen. Arnold reflects on the conclusion of the 2013 session

State Senator Jim Arnold on the conclusion of the 2013 legislative session and the status of some important pieces of legislation that he worked on throughout the process. The 2013 Indiana General Assembly concluded on April 27, 2013, sending 295 bills to the governor for his final approval.


VIDEO: Arnold proposal seeks to enhance school safety

Legislation to increase safety for Hoosier school children is being considered under Senate Bill 1. Co-authored by State Senator Jim Arnold, this proposal would assist schools in hiring more police officers and specify how to implement school resource officer programs. Officers would need to complete training requirements, as well as receive an additional 40 hours of certified school officer training. The bill also helps schools hire police officers by providing $10 million in state funding and various grant opportunities. The House of Representatives recently removed controversial language requiring at least one armed school employee in every Indiana public school, sending the proposal instead to a summer study committee to research further safety measures.


Senate Democrats respond to State of the State address

Indiana Governor Mike Pence gave his first major gubernatorial address on Tuesday, delivering his State of the State speech to a joint session of the Indiana General Assembly. In what was expected to be a major policy announcement, the governor again remained light on specifics when it came to his legislative agenda.

Several Indiana Senate Democrats have released the following statements in response to Governor Pence’s State of the State address.

SEN. LANANE: “I thought there were some things in there I could agree with him upon, certainly in terms of his proposals with assisting veterans. Our caucus…”

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 SEN. LANANE: “He tried to make the case for his ten percent tax reduction. I’m not sure that he actually did that…”

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SEN. LANANE: “Again, I thought that his overall speech was a good speech…”

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SEN. BREAUX: “I think the election was pretty clear. I think the voters are saying all of this education reform…”

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SEN. ARNOLD: “My main concern about it was when he talks about…”

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SEN. TAYLOR: “I thought Gov. Pence left a lot of things to be desired. I really would love to see…”

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VIDEO: Sen. Arnold outlines key legislative issues, expectations for 2013 session

State Senator Jim Arnold lays out his expectations for the 118th General Assembly on Organization Day, the first official day of the legislative session. Arnold expects issues like the state’s two-year budget, education funding and criminal code reform to take center stage during the 2013 session.

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